Hello, my name is Andrew Kuhnash and I am an amateur photographer from Canton, Ohio. I am 21 years old and I plan on pursuing photography for the rest of my life. As a way to reach out to people to sell my photos and show them my content I have created this website to do so! I work a full time job at a car dealership taking photos of cars. As of right now the only thing I am doing is working and practicing the art of different kinds of photography.

I have been taking photos since a child. I started finding an interest in cameras and technology in elementary school. Nothing got serious of course until around the time I moved up into middle school and high school. In 2015 I graduated from McKinley Senior High School in Canton. The past few years I have been considering taking up photography and cinematography as a lifetime career. As of right now I have about 10 years of experience with cameras.

About a 7 years ago I started using software to edit my photos and get more in depth with them rather than just using already made up filters. Photoshop and Lightroom are the two main programs I use and I have about 3 years of experience with them. I love taking landscape photos, portraits and I also really enjoy photographing cars. If you would like to setup a shoot or if you would like to find out any information on pricing don't hesitate to contact me!